Full time @Hotel 5* Oman in Hotel
  • Post Date : July 6, 2023
  • Salary: OMR130.00 - OMR150.00 / Monthly
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  • Job ID 8647
  • Job Company Transport, Accommodation is provided. Meals, flight ticket every two year
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Job Description


A waitress is a customer service-oriented professional who works in the food and beverage industry. Their primary responsibility is to provide excellent service to patrons in a restaurant, café, bar, or similar establishment. The role of a waitress involves a combination of serving food and drinks, taking orders, and ensuring guest satisfaction throughout their dining experience.

waitress fb oman

Here are the key duties and responsibilities typically associated with the role of a waitress:

  1. Greeting and Seating Guests: A waitress welcomes guests as they enter the establishment, escorts them to their tables, and ensures they are comfortable. They may provide menus, and daily specials, or answer basic questions about the menu options.
  2. Taking Orders: Once guests are seated, the waitress takes their food and beverage orders, ensuring accuracy and noting any specific dietary requirements or allergies. They may suggest popular or recommended items and provide information about ingredients or preparation methods.
  3. Serving Food and Beverages: After taking orders, the waitress delivers food and beverages to the tables promptly and accurately. They ensure proper presentation, quality, and temperature of the items served. Waitresses must have good knowledge of the menu and be able to answer any questions or provide recommendations to guests.
  4. Upselling and Promoting Specials: A waitress may inform guests about any ongoing promotions, daily specials, or seasonal menu items. They may suggest additional food or beverage options, such as desserts, appetizers, or wine pairings, to enhance the guest experience and increase sales.
  5. Providing Customer Service: Waitresses are responsible for providing exceptional customer service throughout the dining experience. They should be attentive, friendly, and responsive to guest needs, addressing any concerns or complaints promptly and professionally. Waitresses may also assist with special requests, such as arranging birthday celebrations or accommodating specific seating preferences.
  6. Handling Payments: When guests are ready to leave, the waitress presents the bill, accurately calculates the total, and processes payments. This may involve accepting cash, credit cards, or electronic payment methods. They should handle transactions efficiently and provide accurate change, if required.
  7. Maintaining Cleanliness: Waitresses are responsible for maintaining a clean and organized dining area. This includes clearing tables, resetting them for the next guests, and ensuring that utensils, glassware, and tableware are clean and ready for use. They may also assist with general cleaning tasks, such as sweeping or mopping the floor.
  8. Collaborating with the Team: Waitresses often work as part of a larger team, including kitchen staff, bartenders, and other waitstaff. They should communicate effectively with colleagues, relay orders to the kitchen, and coordinate timing to ensure smooth service flow.
  9. Adhering to Health and Safety Regulations: Waitresses must follow strict health and safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of guests and comply with food handling regulations. This includes proper handling of food, adhering to sanitation standards, and promptly reporting any potential safety hazards or incidents.
  10. Continuously Improving Skills: A good waitress should stay informed about menu updates, new offerings, and changes in restaurant policies. They may participate in training sessions or workshops to enhance their knowledge and improve their serving skills.
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