Senior Hostess

Full time @Restauration Lux Kuwait in Restaurant
  • Post Date : April 23, 2024
  • Salary: KD600.00 - KD700.00 / Monthly
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  • Job ID 69112
  • Job Company Transport, Accommodation is provided. Meals, flight ticket every two year
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Job Description

Senior Hostess

As a Senior Hostess, you take on additional responsibilities and leadership duties within the hostess team, ensuring the smooth operation of the front-of-house and providing exemplary guest service. Here’s an expanded overview of the key responsibilities and duties typically associated with the role of a Senior Hostess:

1. **Leadership and Team Management**: Provide leadership, guidance, and support to the hostess team, including training new hires, delegating tasks, and supervising daily operations. You’ll serve as a role model for other hostesses, demonstrating professionalism, hospitality, and exceptional guest service.

2. **Guest Relations and Hospitality**: Oversee guest relations efforts and ensure that guests receive a warm welcome and exceptional service from the moment they arrive. You’ll handle guest inquiries, special requests, and complaints with professionalism and tact, striving to exceed guest expectations at every opportunity.

3. **Reservation Management**: Manage restaurant reservations efficiently, ensuring accurate record-keeping and timely communication with guests. You’ll oversee the reservation system, update booking details, and coordinate seating arrangements to optimize restaurant capacity and minimize wait times.

4. **Seating Coordination**: Coordinate seating assignments and optimize table allocation to balance guest flow and maximize restaurant capacity. You’ll manage the seating chart, assign tables based on reservations and guest preferences, and communicate effectively with servers and management to facilitate smooth service.

5. **Waitlist Management**: Oversee the waitlist during peak dining hours, estimating wait times, and managing guest expectations. You’ll keep guests informed of their status in the queue, provide accurate wait time estimates, and ensure that waiting guests are comfortable and well-informed.

6. **Training and Development**: Train and mentor junior hostesses, guiding guest service techniques, reservation management, and problem-solving strategies. You’ll conduct regular training sessions, provide constructive feedback, and support the professional growth and development of team members.

7. **Upselling and Promotion**: Promote restaurant specials, promotions, and loyalty programs to guests while they wait for a table. You’ll encourage guests to explore additional offerings, upsell menu items, and enhance their dining experience through personalized recommendations and suggestions.

8. **Hostess Stand Management**: Maintain the hostess stand and waiting area, ensuring cleanliness, organization, and a welcoming atmosphere. You’ll keep the hostess station well-stocked with supplies, such as menus and reservation books, and ensure that signage and displays are current and attractive.

9. **Guest Feedback and Communication**: Solicit feedback from guests about their dining experience and relay comments, concerns, and special requests to management or appropriate staff members. You’ll act as a liaison between guests and restaurant staff, ensuring that guest needs are addressed promptly and effectively.

10. **Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution**: Handle any issues or conflicts that may arise with guests or team members, such as complaints, seating disputes, or scheduling conflicts. You’ll remain calm, professional, and diplomatic in resolving conflicts and finding satisfactory solutions for all parties involved.

Overall, as a Senior Hostess, your role is pivotal in maintaining a positive and welcoming atmosphere for guests and ensuring the efficient operation of the front-of-house. Your leadership skills, hospitality expertise, and dedication to guest satisfaction are essential in upholding the standards of excellence and enhancing the overall dining experience.

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Required skills

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