Restaurant Manager

Full time @Restauration Lux Kuwait in Hotel
  • Post Date : April 22, 2024
  • Salary: KD1,000.00 - KD1,300.00 / Monthly
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Job Detail

  • Job ID 68044
  • Job Company Transport, Accommodation is provided. Meals, flight ticket every one year
  • CAREER LEVEL Manager
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Job Description

Restaurant Manager

As a Restaurant Manager, you are responsible for overseeing all aspects of restaurant operations to ensure an exceptional dining experience for guests while achieving business objectives. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the key responsibilities and duties typically associated with the role:

1. **Team Leadership and Management**: Lead, motivate, and manage the restaurant team, including servers, kitchen staff, bartenders, hosts/hostesses, and support staff. You’ll be responsible for hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating team members to ensure optimal performance and adherence to standards.

2. **Guest Satisfaction**: Maintain a focus on guest satisfaction by ensuring high-quality service, food, and atmosphere. You’ll interact with guests, address inquiries and concerns, and handle complaints promptly and professionally to ensure a positive dining experience.

3. **Operations Management**: Oversee all day-to-day restaurant operations, including opening and closing procedures, reservation management, table allocation, seating arrangements, and service flow. You’ll ensure that the restaurant is properly staffed, equipped, and prepared to meet guest needs.

4. **Financial Administration**: Manage restaurant finances, including budgeting, cost control, revenue management, and financial reporting. You’ll monitor expenses, analyze sales data, and implement strategies to maximize profitability while maintaining quality standards.

5. **Menu Development and Planning**: Collaborate with the culinary team to develop and update menus, specials, and promotions based on market trends, guest preferences, and profitability goals. You’ll ensure that menu items are well-priced, properly presented, and consistently executed.

6. **Quality Assurance**: Maintain high standards of food quality, presentation, and service throughout the restaurant. You’ll conduct regular inspections, enforce health and safety regulations, and address any issues or deficiencies promptly to ensure compliance and guest satisfaction.

7. **Staff Training and Development**: Provide ongoing training, coaching, and development opportunities for restaurant staff to enhance their skills, knowledge, and performance. You’ll foster a positive work environment, promote teamwork, and recognize and reward outstanding performance.

8. **Marketing and Promotion**: Develop and implement marketing initiatives and promotional activities to attract new customers, increase revenue, and build brand awareness. You’ll utilize various marketing channels, such as social media, email campaigns, and special events, to engage with guests and drive business growth.

9. **Inventory and Supply Chain Management**: Oversee inventory levels of food, beverages, and supplies, and coordinate with suppliers for timely ordering and delivery. You’ll ensure proper storage, rotation, and usage of inventory to minimize waste and control costs.

10. **Community Engagement and Relationship Building**: Build positive relationships with guests, suppliers, vendors, and the local community to enhance the restaurant’s reputation and customer loyalty. You’ll participate in community events, sponsorships, and partnerships to increase brand visibility and goodwill.

Overall, as a Restaurant Manager, your role is multifaceted, requiring strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills to effectively manage restaurant operations and deliver an outstanding dining experience. Your focus on guest satisfaction, financial management, staff development, and strategic planning is essential to the success and growth of the restaurant.

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Required skills

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