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Ahlam Hospitality Jobs (A.H.J) provides you with different Candidates focusing on your offers and needs. Our Candidates have special profiles, diplomas, and professional skills. So, we organize an appointment according to the company.

Our candidates are the front image of our agency, so we try to have a great impact on people and organization performance, and thus it brings success in the market places and it affects customers’ desires to associate with us.

We build a strong relationship with companies as well as with candidates to succeed in the business domain, so everyone benefits from these relationships.

It depends on a beneficial strategy to satisfy both companies’ and candidates’ needs and requirements. This strategy is as follows:

  • Conduct Market
  • Conduct Competitors
  • Know Clients’
  • Propose New Strategy for companies and
  • Support achievement  of   business  plan   for  strategic
  • Accomplish all purposes of every Our Services

Ahlam Hospitality Jobs (A.H.J) provides different services for employer. Our clients meet their target by finding specific requirements in specific locations.

We take into consideration that every company has its own culture, values, and expectations of its employer.

The more we know the company, the easier we can find suitable candidates for it.

We meet our objective in a short period since we know the company’s requirements; it is easy to find out the people with higher skills, competences, aptitude, attitude, and commitments.

Has varied services, they are as follows:

  • Succession planning management
  • Compensation rewards and benefit systems
  • Performance management and developing system
  • Job analysis and description system
  • Job evaluation and grading system
  • Salary Surveys
  • Workforce and manpower planning


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